Shane moved to La Union at the start of the year. He used to be a videographer back in Manila but decided to move here to pursue other things including tattooing. Aside from doing stick n’ poke tattoos, he was working as a cook at a local shop until the pandemic happened. He just started doing tattoos last year and is looking to improve his craft here in San Juan.

Since there aren’t that many stick n’ poke artists, he learned by tattooing himself and his friends a lot and although he’s particularly into traditional style tattoos, he’s open to all kinds of styles as long as it fits the handpoked method. Personally, he says he loves collecting “bad” or silly tattoos because for him they’re more memorable (or regrettable) and unique.

DISCLAIMER: Not all his tattoos are bad, he loves all his tattoo artist friends and he supports them fully. LOL

Instagram : @coldspaghettiii @spaghetti.needles
Photo by @tomtuason_ @van.agamata @elyusnaps