Leaving my place at 1:00am to take the four hour drive to San Juan, La Union. Zipping through EDSA as fast as I can to reach NLEX as fast as possible to begin my countdown till I reach Surftown. Yes, I do not count how the distance and time from my house to NLEX Petron in Marilao.

Quick stop to gas up and get some iced coffee, topping up the easy trip and RFID, and setting up the car stereo on my road trip tunes.

I can’t remember how many times I have played some of these songs on repeat, now more than ever, cause I am missing elyu so bad. Yeah the surf, the tambay, the food, the drinks, the people, my friends, I miss them all – but that 4 hour road trip of nothing but pavements, that seemed to go on forever, I really miss that too.

We will be sharing some videos on our youtube channel and IG also, so watch out for that.

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