My experience with visiting elyu alone + some unpublished photos because we miss traveling.


  • Set your schedule
  • Choose a bus company
  • Book your accommodation
  • Prepare your essentials

While I have posted few guides on where to eat here, below are my top picks so far:

☕️ El Union
? Masa
? Tipple and Brew
? Clean Beach
? Seabuds
? Coco Shack
? Makai Bowls
? Coco Mama
? Gefseis
? Naknak
? Tagpuan
? El Navi
? Mad Monkeys
? Kabsat
? Maka
? Flotsam & Jetsam

If you want to visit a lot of places in a day, you can join a tour or hire a tricycle to take you to different places. If you prefer to chill, eat, drink or surf, San Juan has the best spots for you.

??‍♂️ Tangadan Falls
⛩ Macho Temple
? Baluarte Tower
? Bahay na bato
? Bacnotan
? Luna
? Manmade Forest
? Pebble Beach

You can travel Elyu on a budget and spend a bit more when you enroll in a surfing lesson, do some drinking or try out some of the best restaurants in the town. Save your budget without compromising your appetite when you eat in the best eateries such as my go-to kainan (Naknak – more or less PHP100 budget per meal).

If via public transport, ride Partas and Dominion Bus.
Bus Company: Partas Cubao / Dominion
Cubao to San Juan, La Union PHP 500 / PHP 400
Travel Time: 5-6 Hours

This depends on your travel lifestyle. If you prefer staying in a private room, you can book in a hotel or surf hostel or if you’re on a budget and willing to share a room with other travelers, then you can book a bed in a dorm-type accommodation like Charlie’s Hangar, Flotsam & Jetsam or Circle Hostel. My preference if you ask me, should always be beachfront.

Starting off another travel series where I feature some of the best places for Solo Travelers. Today’s feature is La Union – our go to place and a favorite spot for surfing, beach vibes and chill.

If you’ve been a follower of this page, you know that I always include itinerary on my guides but fact is, when I first traveled to La Union alone, I did not have any plans on where to go or where to eat – I just have things in mind that I wanted to try and I just wing it when I’m already there – the good thing about it is you do not have to follow a specific timeline or schedule so no pressure and no expectations which turns out so much more fun most of the time. If you need a full itinerary, please let me know so I can help you create one. 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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PS: When all of this is over, get your backpacks and essentials ready (camera in my case lol) and let’s have a relaxing weekend trip to La Union ✨)